About Us

Customers are #1

When we talk about lighting we light up (no pun intended).  We at LEW are driven by the enthusiasm of our audience. We pride ourselves in giving as much of our knowledge to anyone who wants to know about lighting while we work on your project no matter what size it is. We have over 20 years experience in the lighting field and have studied and still have a strong desire to teach and be taught about the ever changing lighting industry we are so deeply engaged in. We are always free to give a lesson on lighting and include the manufacturers that are relevant to the customers’ needs and questions. We believe in the lunch & learn sessions at your location or ours and will still continue to have counter days with the manufacturer selected that day to be at our location and explain their products while you are in our location.

We are very fortunate to have the major manufacturers with us like Philips, Peerless, Satco, Stanpro, Mission, Etlin-Daniels, Hatch Transformers and many others that understand our concept and philosophy of being the best lighting wholesaler in Calgary and Southern Alberta. Our concept is simple – we do lighting and we do it the best in our field, and when you come to see us or have one of our sales representatives visit, you can see the difference a company that prides itself on integrity and respect can mean to you.

We look forward to treating you to the level of service you will come to expect everywhere you go! Our location is easy to access and once you come in and feel the comfortable surroundings you will be back if not for the fresh coffee, for sure the lighting knowledge and stock we supply to you. It is our job to explore and know what is needed at our location and to work with the manufacturers and agents to ensure we have stock on the common items needed at a price that is more than fair.